About Wave of Action

We are a non-profit organization. Our focus is to make the Internet a better, safer place for the people who use it. There is no question that the Internet is the go-to source of information. When someone has a question about something, or when someone needs to locate something, they turn to the World Wide Web. There’s no way that anyone can argue with the convenience and the speed that the Internet provides. 

However, despite how much information can be found on the Internet and despite the efforts that have been put into action to make it a safe search haven, there are still potential dangers that lurk in the background. 

Dangers behind the Internet

Though the Internet is considered a safe place to “surf” and look for information, there are still dangers that lurk in the background. Though the average person may not be aware of these issues, they do exist and they should not be overlooked. 

At Wave of Action, our goal is to protect you, the Internet user, from these and other dangers. By sharing reliable information and reviews about popular sites on the Internet, you will be able to make educated decisions about the sites that you visit, thus avoiding those dangers. 

With Wave of Action, your Internet use will be safer and far more enjoyable.